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Introducing WM Sex Dolls Upgrade with S-TPE Material

Apr 08,2024 | Lilysuck

As an official authorized vendor of WM, we closely follow WM's pace. We introduce the new material of WM sex dolls - S-TPE material. The superior quality material allows customers to enjoy lifelike sex dolls at a more affordable price. Let's delve into the experience of WM sex dolls upgraded with S-TPE material.

1.Enhanced Tear Resistance

One of the most notable features of S-TPE is its incredible tear resistance. Especially in the joints where the skin is most vulnerable, S-TPE's tear resistance is 8 times that of traditional TPE material. In tear resistance tests, S-TPE material can withstand continuous tearing for over 30 days. The improved tear resistance translates to a longer lifespan for the dolls, ensuring that you can enjoy your companion for years to come.

2. Superior Resilience

Superior resilience speaks to the sex doll's ability to maintain its shape and posture. The S-TPE material provides excellent elasticity and flexibility, allowing the dolls to withstand different positions and movements without losing their form. In the rebound test, WM placed 15kg dumbbells on the S-TPE sex doll's butt for 3 days, and there was no deformation of the butt after such a long period of pressure.

3. More Realistic

The S-TPE material combines the advantages of silicone and TPE. It possesses the lifelike body details of silicone while retaining the softness of TPE. With characteristics resembling silicone, these dolls can now utilize silicone spray makeup technology to greatly enhance the details of body makeup, providing lifelike skin texture.

4. Less Greasy

Greasiness is a common issue with traditional TPE materials. However, WM Doll's S-TPE has solved this problem. The new material produces less grease, making maintenance less troublesome with the upgraded version of WM sex dolls.

5. No Molding Seams

Molding seams can be a visual distraction and impact the overall aesthetic appeal of a sex doll. However, with the upgraded WM Sex Dolls, the S-TPE material eliminates visible molding seams. This results in a smoother and more natural appearance and further enhances the sex doll's realism.


Normal TPE vs. S-TPE




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