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Electric Sex Doll Torso

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Have you considered having Electric Sex Doll Torso? Masturbation cups and sex dolls are now perfectly connected with our newest product! This is the automatic sex doll torso that contains different sizes of big ass torso, life size body torso. Torso with different functions of sucking, venting, vibrating and thrusting that can give you an extraordinary sexual pleasure.


Popular Electric Sex Doll Torso at Lilysuck


Miah Auto: Auto Sucking Vibrating Sex Doll Torso

Miah has the most classic sucking and vibrating features of a masturbation cup. Weighs a little less than the Isabella. Filled with filaments and pellets to stimulate all positions of your penis.


Gina Auto: Auto Thrusting Sex Doll Ass Torso

Gina is the most popular auto-insertion sex doll ass torso. Built with a powerful silent motor, it will get you to the orgasmic stage in a second fast.


Dania Auto: Auto Thrusting Life Size Sex Doll Torso

Dania is the life-size torso with a pair of exquisite and tantalizing breasts will exceed your imagination. Together with the powerful auto-retracting function, you will be immersed in the scene as if you are bathing in love with a young girl.


Galaxy: Heating & Clamp Sucking & Vibrating Big Ass Torso


The combination of suction and vibration functions makes the Galaxy perform like a mature woman, while the heating function keeps you warm during sex.



PS: Most automatic sex doll torsos have sucking, venting and vibrating functions. The button of venting has a pause sucking function in addition to a vaginal cleaning function, where water is automatically drained through a drain after the torso is cleaned with water.