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Video Image Reward Program


Owning Your Unique Sex Doll is a Source of Pride. We have always encouraged our customers and fans to share their experiences with their dolls. Now, we are beyond excited to announce the Lilysuck Video Image Rewards Program! Pick up your camera, let your creativity flow, and take part in our video and image sharing program to earn cash rewards. This is an ongoing opportunity, so join us anytime!


How to participate?

  • Purchase Lilysuck Products: To participate, you must purchase any Lilysuck products (Exclusive discounts on products purchased at this event)
  • Share Content:

Post Lilysuck sex doll related content on social media platforms and use the hashtag #lilysuck. Alternatively, you can send us a video, picture, or GIF directly via email to earn cash rewards.

The requirements and corresponding cash rewards are listed below:


1.Ratio: 16:9/1:1


≥3 minutes Videos about product unboxing and reviews, sex doll body detail displays, or sex dolls in matching outfits for role play, etc. $20 per video, we will increase the reward amount based on the excellence of the video up to $50
GIF HD 1-3 GIFs Sex doll body detail displays $4 per Gif

1.Ratio: 16:9/1:1


2-5 Photos Sex doll scene display or sex doll with clothes role play $2 per photo, we will increase the reward amount based on the excellence of the photo up to $5


How to submit?

Email your submission: Send a link to the post, image, video or GIF to
Include Details: Include your name, contact information, order number and a brief description of your submission in the email.


When you will get the cash rewards?

  1. We will review your submission within 3 days.
  2. Once approved, please provide your PayPal account, and we will transfer the cash reward to your PayPal account.



  1. Ensure your submissions are clear, well-lit, and aesthetically pleasing.
  2. All entries must be original and created by you, and must not infringe on anyone's proprietary or intellectual property rights.
  3. Content should be respectful and adhere to community guidelines.
  4. We will not disclose any personal information about our customers for this program. The email address submitted by the customer will only be used for the purpose of prize notification. We will only use the customer's entry in subsequent promotions and will not reference any personal information about the customer. 
  5. The final explanation of this program belongs to the organizer. Participation in this campaign is subject to the rules of the progarm.