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Lilysuck 2 Pcs Absorbent Sticks-Lilysuck Lilysuck 2 Pcs Absorbent Sticks-Lilysuck
Lilysuck 2 Pcs Absorbent Sticks-Lilysuck Lilysuck 2 Pcs Absorbent Sticks-Lilysuck
Lilysuck 2 Pcs Absorbent Sticks-Lilysuck Lilysuck 2 Pcs Absorbent Sticks-Lilysuck
Lilysuck 2 Pcs Absorbent Sticks-Lilysuck
Lilysuck 2 Pcs Absorbent Sticks-Lilysuck
Lilysuck 2 Pcs Absorbent Sticks-Lilysuck
Lilysuck 2 Pcs Absorbent Sticks-Lilysuck
Lilysuck 2 Pcs Absorbent Sticks-Lilysuck
Lilysuck 2 Pcs Absorbent Sticks-Lilysuck

Lilysuck 2 Pcs Absorbent Sticks

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Absorbent Sticks are specially designed for sex dolls. As the internal tunnels are not flat, a lot of water will remain during cleaning and bacteria will accelerate growth in a humid environment. For solving this problem, just insert the stick into your sex doll. The special material with thousands of invisible tiny holes will absorb the water immediately.


sex doll torso

Safe Porous Material

The stick is made of Diatom mud from a deep mining area. The Diatom mud is a kind of siliceous sedimentary rock mainly consisting of diatoms and their skeletons, which are odorless and safe to use. 100% diatomaceous earth and its porous structure make it PERFECT to absorb moisture without damaging the material of your doll or posing any danger to your health.

tpe sex doll

How To Use

  • 1. Gently insert it into the tunnel of a newly cleaned doll.
  • 2. Insert it into the bottom and the inner wall of the tunnel.

Matters Need Attention

  1. 1. After 15-30 minutes, dry the stick in a ventilated place
  2. 2. It can be used more than 50 times after testing.


Customization Options Explanation


Built-in Tongue 

  • An extra tongue in the oral cavity.

Real Oral Sex (ROS)

  • The sex dolls with Real Oral Sex are becoming increasingly popular because of their realistic appearance. It has an ultra-realistic oral cavity, flexible tongue and jaw and real oral sex channel than the regular one with tongue.

ROS Head Oral Sex New Function: 4 language Moaning+Oral Clamp Sucking

Irontech ROS head (Only available on S1, S17, S18, S20, S26, S29, S37, S40)




  • Body joints are fixed and cannot be bent


  • The joints of the body's shoulders are able to shrug their shoulders

EVO Skeleton/Double Knee Joint Skeleton

  • EVO skeleton is a better skeleton after the upgrade, including shrugging shoulders and double knee joint skeleton.

Ultra Soft Skeleton

  • Ultra soft skeleton is a very soft skeleton. The joints cannot be fixed. It is like the sex doll is paralyzed.



Solid Breast

  • Experience indentation while squeezing
  • Resilient but a bit solid
  • Feel like 90% close to a real breast

Hollow Breast

  • Only TPE material between fingers while squeezing
  • Will not flatten when laying on top
  • Feel like 95% close to a real breast

Gel Breast

  • The main material for breast augmentation
  • Very soft and elastic
  • Feel like 99% close to a real breast


Articulated Fingers

  • Articulated Fingers are more realistic like human fingers than normal fingers. This can hold objects tightly and the joints are less likely to become loose with prolonged use.

WM's new articulated fingers have a ball joint design at the wrist, allowing 360° rotation.

Hand Palm & Wrist Joint 

  • This function is a larger bend at the wrist, can be bent to about 90 degrees.



Non Standing 

  • Cannot stand due to imbalance of weight
  • May ruin her feet if try to force standing


  • Add three threaded bolts to each of her foot
  • Threaded bolts are connected directly to the internal skeleton
  • Allow standing as the weight would be applied to the bolts but not soft flesh
  • Makes her more practical for posing, handling, and wearing shoes
  • Allows robust protection to feet to extend the lifespan

Standing Feet Without Bolt

Irontech silicone sex dolls can choose standing feet Without Bolt.


Internal Body Heating System

We offer an internal heating system that allows you to easily heat the dolls body from the inside out. Experience consistent heat throughout her body. 

What does it include?

  • A plug outlet somewhere on the doll's body
  • A wire that allows you to plug into her body and the other end goes to the wall outlet
  • The small control panel on the wire allows you to set the desired temperature

What happens after setting up?

  • Her torso, vagina and anus will reach normal body temperature in about one and a half hours.


Moaning System

Attach a sound device to the head or other body parts of the doll, which is manually controlled via switches/buttons. Once pressed, your doll will make moaning sounds.

Normal Moaning

  • Normal moaning is to turn on the moaning system switch will sound.

Smart Moaning

  •  Make moaning sounds when touching the breast, vagina, and hip area. The function of simple conversation is available. Volume can be adjusted by yourself.


How to charge the moaning system?

The sex doll moaning system has an internal battery that requires an external power source to charge.
Locate the charging power port and plug it into an electric outlet to charge the internal battery. The chords provide a low voltage/current to the moaning system, so it is completely safe to touch the doll while charging the sound system.


  • Don’t take a bath with the doll if the sound system is attached to the body.
  • Keep the charging ports or buttons moisture-free.
  • Do not place any heavy objects on the head of the doll.
  • Do not move the doll while charging the moaning system.


What does a real sex doll moaning sound like?


Hyper-realism Body Painting/Realistic Body Painting



If you're tired of a motionless sex doll, try enhancing your doll with robot feature. 'Auto Clamp & Suck', 'Electric Hip & Waist" or 'Automatic Blowjob' option takes your sex with dolls to the next level. Full size dolls are available with electric function.

Auto Clamp & Suck Externalized Modules 

Built-in Auto Clamp & Suck 

New Electric Hip & Waist

Auto Blowjob

Breathing System 

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Sex Doll Cleaning
1.Apply sponge or cotton swab with warm water and antibacterial soap (Rechargeable dolls should not be immersed in water).
2.Use this swab to clean the hole until it is clean. Please use tweezers to hold the sponge when using it to prevent it from falling off in the vagina.
3.You can dispose of this swabor sponge, now repeat steps 1 and 2 above.
4.After two wipes, the hole should be totally clean, now we caninsert another dry sponge to remove excess soap or water.
5.After drying the doll you can apply talcum powder to the outside of the orifice.
6.Except to cleaning the orifice after each use, we recommend washing the doll's body in the tub with soap every 14 days.

Sex Doll Maintenance
1.Avoid dressing the doll in super tight or clothes that fade easily.
2.Avoid contact with sharp objects.
3.Be careful of drying and direct sunlight.
4.Keep the doll in lying position.
5.To avoid dust accumulation on the doll, it is best to keep the doll in a specified boxor cabinet.
6.Abstain from sharing your doll with other people, to prevent spreading of disease.