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The Birth of Alien Sex Dolls: An Interview with Dolls Castle

Jun 11,2024 | Lilysuck

On our website, one standout brand is Doll Castle, renowned for its alien sex dolls. Their creations are truly stunning, such as Carol with four eyes and six breasts, Ailen from the Star Wars universe, and a furry sex doll with a bear appearance. We had the opportunity to interview their founder, who shared with us the reasons behind designing these unique sex dolls.


He believes that most people have a narrow definition of sex dolls. A doll can be a love doll, real doll, or sex doll. Beyond enhancing sexual functions, sex dolls can have additional value such as companionship and role-playing. He thinks that the creation of sex dolls can go beyond the human scope. Currently, manufacturers are limited to designing dolls based on different regions and skin tones of human. Doll Castle can explore more possibilities, such as fantastical aliens.


The difficulty of producing and designing alien dolls is twice that of ordinary dolls. Aliens offer more room for imagination and have more distinctive features than typical human faces. These features can better highlight Doll Castle's design and production capabilities, showcasing our ability to offer high-quality and cost-effective products,demonstrating to customers that Doll Castle can provide ODM real dolls.


Alien dolls are sure to catch your eye. This aligns with the brand's tone of Doll Castle. Legally compliant yet controversial products can reasonably exist. The world of dolls needs alien dolls, and in the future, they will also design more human-animal dolls.


The future trend of dolls should be AI or high-tech dolls. When thinking about high-tech, it naturally leads to thinking beyond planet Earth. Thus, aliens, compared to humans, give dolls a more technological and futuristic feel. At the same time, they aim to inject more possibilities into sex dolls or love dolls.