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13 Mind-Blowing Ways to Touch Your Penis in National Masturbation Day

May 25,2024 | Lilysuck

In celebration of National Masturbation Day, which falls on May 28th, try to jerk yourself off with 13 mind-bending techniques, detailed in today’s blog post!

1. Twist Along the Shaft

It involves a continuous, spiraling motion along the shaft of the penis, adding a twist to the traditional up-and-down stroking. To perform this, start at the base of the penis with a loose grip. As you slowly move your hand upwards towards the tip, gradually twist your hand so that your thumb moves from one side to the other. This creates a spiraling effect around the shaft. Once you reach the tip, reverse the motion, moving back down to the base with the same spiraling action. The Spiral Stroke not only stimulates the entire length of the penis but also provides varied pressure and friction, enhancing the sensory experience.

2. Apply Targeted Pressure

A focus on stimulating specific points along the penis enhances masturbation. Begin by placing your hand at the base of the penis, applying gentle yet firm pressure for a few seconds. Gradually move your grip upwards, segment by segment, maintaining steady pressure at each point. This gradual progression from the base to the tip not only intensifies physical sensations but also helps in building arousal methodically. Ensure the pressure is comfortable and concentrate on the feeling each segment of the shaft provides when pressed.

As you reach the sensitive tip, especially the frenulum area beneath the head, apply a softer touch due to the concentration of nerve endings. After reaching the tip, you can choose to either repeat the process starting from the base or reverse your direction, applying pressure as you move back down. Experiment with varying the speed of your movements and the intensity of the pressure to discover what feels most pleasurable. Slower, more deliberate pressure can heighten arousal, while faster, lighter touches can provide a teasing sensation, allowing you to explore a range of pleasures and potentially leading to a more explosive orgasm.

3. Endless Glide

The Endless Glide is a dynamic and continuous approach to masturbation that involves a seamless transition between the hands, creating an unending loop of pleasure. To begin, apply a generous amount of lubricant to both your hands and your penis to ensure smooth, frictionless movements. Position one hand at the base of your penis and gently slide it down towards the head, applying a consistent, fluid pressure throughout the stroke. As your first hand reaches the tip and begins to slide off, simultaneously position your second hand at the base and prepare to repeat the motion.

This technique’s magic lies in the timing; the second hand should start its glide as the first one finishes, maintaining a rhythm that mimics the continuous stimulation found in penetrative sex. To enhance the experience further, introduce a twisting motion as each hand moves along the shaft. This can be done by rotating your wrist slightly, which alters the angle and pressure of the stroke, providing varied sensations that can lead to intense pleasure. Experiment with different speeds and pressures to find what best suits your pleasure preferences. The fluidity and constant stimulation of the Endless Glide make it a deeply satisfying technique that can dramatically enrich your solo experience.

4. Pause and Resume

This technique focuses on building up arousal through intermittent pauses mixed with active stroking. Begin with your regular stroking rhythm, whether it’s with a full-hand grip or a more targeted approach like using just the fingertips. After a few moments of consistent motion, completely stop all movement at a point of heightened sensation (preferably just before the point of no return). Hold this pause for several seconds to let the arousal simmer without reaching climax. Resume stroking after the brief pause, then repeat the process several times. This method of starting and stopping not only intensifies the eventual orgasm but also teaches control and can extend the pleasure of the experience.

5. Rotate in Opposite Directions

The Opposing Twists technique is an effective method for amplifying stimulation through contrasting movements. Begin by grasping the shaft of the penis with both hands, placing one hand directly above the other. Initiate the motion by twisting each hand in opposite directions: one hand moves clockwise, while the other moves counterclockwise. This action creates a tension and friction that stimulates a wide array of nerve endings within the shaft. The key is to maintain a firm yet gentle grip and to experiment with the speed and intensity of the twists to explore different levels of pleasure. This technique can be particularly intense, making it ideal for those looking to enhance the sensory aspects of their masturbation routine.

6. Head Polishing

The Head Polishing technique focuses on the sensitive tip of the penis. This area, rich in nerve endings, responds well to gentle and focused stimulation. To perform this technique, use one hand to gently cup or cover the head of the penis. Using a small, circular motion, 'polish' the tip, adjusting the pressure and speed based on your sensitivity and pleasure response. This method can be incredibly pleasurable due to the high concentration of nerve endings in the glans. It is often beneficial to use lubricant to make the motion smoother and to enhance the sensations without causing overstimulation or irritation. This technique allows for a focused exploration of one of the most pleasurable areas, offering a potentially intense and satisfying experience.

7. Infinite Penetration

Masturbating Sex Doll

The Infinite Penetration technique is designed to simulate the sensation of continuous entry and exit, akin to penetration, which can be a thrilling addition to solo play. To start, place one hand at the top of your penis and slide it smoothly down the shaft until it reaches the midpoint. As soon as this hand reaches halfway, begin sliding the second hand from the top, following the same path. This overlapping movement ensures that one hand is always in motion, mimicking the rhythm and feeling of penetration.

The effectiveness of this method lies in its fluidity and the seamless exchange between the hands, creating a non-stop motion that can significantly enhance the arousal and pleasure during masturbation. For added sensation, adjust the pressure each hand applies as it travels down the shaft—lighter pressure from the top transitioning to a firmer grip as you move towards the base can intensify the experience. Experiment with varying speeds to find the rhythm that best suits your personal preference, potentially leading to a more profound and satisfying climax. This technique, with its continuous and rhythmic motion, offers a unique and engaging way to explore pleasure through self-stimulation.

8. Generate Intense Friction

The technique is a dynamic and vigorous masturbation method that simulates the action of generating friction to start a fire, but applied to the act of self-pleasure. Begin by placing both hands on either side of the penis, ensuring that your palms and fingers have a good grip on the shaft. Start moving your hands rapidly back and forth across the shaft, similar to the motion you would use if trying to create heat through friction with sticks. This rubbing action generates not only physical heat but also intense stimulation due to the rapid movement.

To fully engage with this technique, vary the speed and intensity of your hand movements. Faster motions will increase the heat and intensity, while slower, more controlled movements can help prolong the pleasure, building up to a more explosive climax when desired. Adjusting the pressure exerted by each hand can also enhance the sensation; a firmer grip intensifies the friction, whereas a lighter touch can provide a more teasing experience. This method is particularly effective for stimulating the entire surface of the shaft, offering a comprehensive and exhilarating masturbation experience that stands out from more traditional strokes.

9. Corkscrew

The Corkscrew technique is a unique and engaging method for stimulating the penis that involves a distinctive twisting motion, mimicking the action of uncorking a bottle. To start, turn your dominant hand upside down and position the penis between your middle and index fingers. This grip should be secure but not overly tight, allowing for enough movement to perform the twisting action effectively.

Once your grip is set, begin by gently squeezing the fingers together, creating a firm yet comfortable pressure around the shaft. Then, initiate the twisting motion with your hand, rotating it around the shaft in a motion similar to turning a doorknob. This rotation should be smooth and controlled to maximize the sensation without causing discomfort. The twisting action stimulates the nerve endings in a unique way that differs from traditional up-and-down strokes, providing a novel sensory experience that can lead to intense pleasure.

As you become more comfortable with this technique, you can experiment with the speed and depth of the twist to find what provides the most pleasure. The Corkscrew is especially effective because it combines pressure and rotational movement, offering a complex array of sensations that can enhance your masturbation experience significantly.

10. Scrotum Play

The Scrotum Play is about engaging the often overlooked but highly sensitive area of the testicles, enhancing the overall pleasure experience during masturbation. Begin by gently exploring the scrotum with your fingers to find out what kind of touch elicits the best response—be it caressing, lightly scratching, or even gentle squeezing. The skin of the scrotum is quite elastic and sensitive, making it receptive to a variety of sensations.

As you acquaint yourself with the sensitivity of the area, you can experiment with different degrees of pressure and motion. For instance, pulling the scrotum gently downward while masturbating can intensify the sensations throughout the entire genital area, as this action often increases the tension on the testicles and heightens arousal. Additionally, alternating between different techniques—such as caressing followed by a gentle squeeze—can create a dynamic and stimulating experience. The key is to proceed with care and attentiveness to avoid discomfort, as the scrotum can also be quite delicate. By incorporating scrotum play into your routine, you can discover a new layer of pleasure that complements traditional methods, potentially leading to a richer and more fulfilling climax.

11. Vibrating Ring

It is a novel approach to masturbation by mimicking the sensation of vibration along the penis shaft. Start by forming a circle with your fingers around the shaft at any point that feels comfortable. Ensure the grip is snug but not too tight, allowing room for movement. Once your ring is formed, initiate a rapid, trembling motion with your hand, essentially causing your fingers to vibrate around the shaft.

This vibration can be modulated in intensity and speed according to your preference. Slower, more gentle vibrations can tease and prolong arousal, while faster, more vigorous shaking can build intensity quickly, leading to a more immediate and powerful climax. Experiment with moving the ring up and down the shaft to explore different sensations—each area of the penis responds uniquely to this vibrating stimulation. Additionally, adjusting the tightness of the ring can enhance the sensation, with a tighter grip intensifying the vibratory effect and a looser grip providing a more subtle stimulation.

This method is particularly effective because it simulates the kind of vibrations you might experience with the use of a sex toy, using just your hands. It's a creative way to diversify the sensations during masturbation, potentially discovering new areas of pleasure and ways to reach climax.

12. Frenulum Focus

The Frenulum Focus technique concentrates on the frenulum, a highly sensitive area located just below the head of the penis, where the glans meets the shaft. This spot is rich in nerve endings and can produce intense sensations when stimulated correctly.

To begin, ensure that the frenulum and surrounding area are well-lubricated to enhance comfort and sensation. Use your fingers to gently touch and explore the frenulum. You can start with light, circular motions, allowing your fingertips to gently glide over this sensitive spot. This can help in gauging how much pressure feels pleasurable without causing discomfort.

Once you're comfortable, experiment with different movements. Try massaging the frenulum from both sides, using a gentle pinching motion with your thumb and forefinger. This can increase the intensity of the sensations. Alternatively, you can use a small, gentle up-and-down stroking motion directly on the frenulum. Adjust the pressure and speed based on your response to the stimulation. Each of these techniques targets the frenulum in a slightly different way, allowing you to explore a range of sensations that can lead to a highly satisfying climax. This focused stimulation is often overlooked but can be incredibly effective for reaching a profound orgasm.

13. Use Sex Dolls

Using a sex doll for breast sex offers a unique form of sexual stimulation, where the penis is placed between the breasts of the doll to simulate intercourse. This method typically requires the addition of lubrication to enhance comfort and mimic the natural sensations of human skin. To engage in this activity, the breasts of the sex doll are pressed together around the penis, creating a pleasurable, enveloping pressure. The movement can be controlled by manually manipulating the breasts or by thrusting between them, allowing for various rhythms and pressures that cater to personal preference.

Masturbating Breast Sex Doll Torso

The experience of breast sex with a sex doll is not just about physical stimulation but also includes a visual element that can be highly arousing. As such, this practice offers a sensory blend of sight and touch, providing a different kind of erotic stimulation compared to other forms of sexual activity. Experimentation with different techniques, such as varying the speed of thrusting or adjusting the tightness with which the breasts are held, can further enhance the experience, making it a customizable and enjoyable method for achieving sexual gratification.

The End

The way to sexual fulfillment is deeply personal and can be incredibly rewarding. By incorporating some or all of these techniques, you can enhance your masturbation practice, discovering new dimensions of pleasure that resonate with your body's desires. As always, have fun and stay safe!