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How ‘Real Lady’, Most Realistic Sex Dolls Are Made?

Sep 06,2023 | Lilysuck

In the realm of intimate companions, the culmination of years of tireless research and technological ingenuity has birthed the "Real Lady" series - a brand of human texture replica realistic sex dolls meticulously crafted by Irontech. These groundbreaking creations have heralded a new era in the realm of lifelike intimacy, embodying a fusion of technological advancement and artistry. They have successfully achieved a remarkable level of fidelity to both Eastern and Western female physiological characteristics, encompassing aspects such as body shape, skin tone, tactile sensation, and intricate details that mirror the essence of a real person.  Let me reveal the exquisite craftsmanship behind Real Lady sex dolls.


1.Finding the Right Live Model

To embark on the journey of crafting these lifelike masterpieces, the first crucial step entails the meticulous selection of a suitable live model. This process involves a targeted quest for individuals whose physical attributes align with the desired mold. Once identified, a painstaking process of communication and negotiation follows, culminating in the acquisition of authorization from the chosen model.


2.Capturing the Texture of the Live Model

Achieving a 1:1 replica of the skin texture is paramount in creating an authentic experience. An abrasive silicone material is meticulously applied to the surface of the live model's body. This material, when cooled, adeptly captures the intricate details and texture of the model's skin, setting the stage for an unparalleled level of realism.

3.Use of Plaster for Roughly Defining the Shape

After applying the silicone material, plaster is needed to roughly set the model. The plaster cures and maintains the model's posture, providing more accurate body data information for subsequent modeling.

4.3D scanning

Advanced 3D scanning technology, employing lasers or other sensors, plays a pivotal role in capturing the precise dimensions of the model's body. This digital representation becomes the foundation for further modeling work, ensuring an accurate virtual model that adheres to the minutiae of the original.

5.Mold making

Armed with the 3D scan data, the meticulous process of crafting the grinding tool commences. CAD software is harnessed to convert the scanned data into a printable file format, which, in turn, is realized through 3D printing technology. This crucial step ensures that the abrasive tool aligns precisely with the model's features. A master craftsman then employs specialized techniques and tools to refine the texture information, intricately replicating it onto the mold with precision adjustments, culminating in a lifelike appearance in every detail.

6.Silicone doll production

The inception of the silicone doll production phase begins with skeleton positioning, ensuring precise alignment. Diverse silicone materials are blended to cater to specific customer preferences, encompassing aspects like skin color and softness.

The filling stage is a meticulous process, ensuring that the silicone material uniformly and comprehensively fills the entire doll, eliminating any presence of air bubbles or voids. Subsequently, the trimming phase ensues, eliminating excess silicone material to attain a smooth and natural appearance.

Thorough cleaning follows to rid the doll of surface impurities and residue, leaving it pristine and devoid of dust or stains. The final artistic touch is the coloring process, meticulously applied to impart realistic skin tones and intricate details, ultimately achieving a lifelike resemblance to the human form.


In conclusion, the creation of Real Lady sex dolls is a testament to the fusion of cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship, resulting in intimate companions that transcend the boundary between art and reality. Shop Experience more of Real lady's silicone sex doll natural beauty and curves!