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What Oral Sex Features Does The Full Size Sex Doll Offer?

Nov 30,2023 | Lilysuck

Exploring the realm of full size sex dolls, one encounters a spectrum of intricately designed features catering to diverse desires. Today we are going to introduce the Realistic Oral Structure (ROS) Head and its Oral Sex Features.


ROS head is made of high-quality soft silicone gel, with a mouth that features realistic teeth and a tongue. It also comes with a movable jaw. The oral sex depth reaches over 12cm. It looks just like a real person.


As the oral features of sex dolls continue to innovate, the Oral Sex Features aspect enables auto blowjob,  auto clamp & suck and oral heating.


1.Auto blowjob

The automatic oral sex function simulates the experience of real human oral sex and can adjust the frequency. It elevate the experience to new heights of realism.


2.Auto clamp & suck

Can't overlook the realistic mouth of the Irontech ROS head, boasting a comfortable 3.5cm diameter. Depending on the suction level, the throat's diameter dynamically ranges from 2cm to 3cm. The perfectly fitted cavity can gently accommodate and touch your sensitive areas. It mimics the subtle sensation of real oral contact.


3.Oral heating

Oral heating technology, an innovation that enhances the sensory experience. Using a Type-C charging cable, it only takes 10 minutes of charging to elevate the oral temperature close to the human body temperature of 36.6°C. This feature, akin to a subtle caress of warmth, imbues an added layer of realism and immersion.