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Why Do People Like Furry Sex Doll?

May 09,2023 | Lilysuck

Some animal traits can greatly enhance human sexuality by emphasizing different aspects of it (i.e. muscular and manly tigers, lanky and slim caracals, feminine yet powerful lionesses etc). Artists produce their visions of this new sexiness, unrestricted by human anatomy, people from the outside get hooked, some of them produce new art with their own vision. Furry sex doll is new art that turned out to be niche subcultures.

Human faces may subconciously associate with something negative - a lot of furries were bullied or abused at some point in their lives. In furry art (and porn) faces are repaced with cute muzzles that bear no negative connotations. Characters feel safer while still retaining human sexiness.

And yes, furry is a fetish for many - and there's nothing bad about it. Furries are so exotic and exciting, it's hard not to lust after them.

Akane, who comes with cat ears and a tail on her body, lets you explore your furry quirks and make your dreams come true.