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Our Story


Lilysuck is high quality realistic torso sex doll brand developed by a team of world-class designers. We committed to crafting pleasurable sex products to enrich wellbeing. Our mission is to provide you with the highest-quality products and services possible in a timely fashion and at a competitive price. 

It has provided more than 209 products and services to 2 million consumers worldwide. 



The market is flooded with low-quality adult products

Before we created the brand, we found that many unscrupulous merchants posted pictures of beautiful sex dolls on their websites, but after consumers placed an order, they received inferior sex dolls. Although the consumers are very angry, most of their complaints are invalid. Some consumers only can choose to endure. Those inferior sex dolls which only cost tens of dollars are sold for hundreds of dollars by these unscrupulous merchants. So there are more and more such unscrupulous merchants tempted by high profit. As a result, many consumers sexual experience cannot meet their needs. They paid lots of money but didn't get what they want, which makes them feel disappointed with the whole sex doll industry. This lead us to start to develop sex dolls, Try our best to change consumers' perceptions to sex doll industry and produce more high quality sex dolls to the consumers.

Overcapacity, industry caught in price war

Because of the huge profits of sex dolls, a large number of companies have poured into the sex doll industry. However, most companies do not pay attention to product differentiation at all, and have no brand awareness, resulting in serious homogeneity and overcapacity in the industry, so they fall into endless price wars. Due to the price war, companies scrambled to reduce costs and began to use low-quality TPE raw materials. Many low-quality dolls with pungent smells and cracks appeared on the market, which seriously affects user experience. As a result, prices are getting lower and lower, but sales are declining, and the entire industry is in a vicious circle.

That's why we've come 

Lilysuck is a new sex doll brand established in 2021. Although there is no gorgeous packaging and a strong publicity team, it has rapidly stirred up a storm in the sex doll market with its excellent product quality. In just four months, it has completed the creation of the brand, the recognition of consumers, the establishment of reputation, and consumers are gradually accepting this new brand.

we recognize that the full body doll has the proportions and the feel of a real person, it is bulky, expensive, difficult to store, and requires high maintenance. As for the masturbator cup, it is light and convenient, but it lacks of alternating of physical movements, which means it can't give a realistic experience to the consumers. In order to solve this problem, we focus on high-quality realistic torso sex dolls developed by a world-class designers team. The whole production line adopts medical grade silicone material and TPE integrated injection molding process. We are confident that we will continue to explore, develop and produce better products in the future to meet the sexual pleasure needs of all customers.